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Secret Sesh Festival Announcement on

Recent COVID-19 Virus

Secret Sesh Festival will be following the in accordance with mandates made by the city of Adelanto and the county of San Bernardino and to better protect the public from the spread of the COVID-19 virus in California. 


The order applies to, but is not limited to, concerts, conferences, and professional, college, and school sporting events, and is in line with guidance issued by the California Department of Public Health. 

Secret Sesh is currently postponed, and is awaiting further instruction from the city and/or county.


We plan to keep our brands and attendees fully aware of any new instructions we receive. We plan to take every precautionary measure to ensure the safety of our attendees at our events.


Sanitation stations and additional handwashing sinks will be placed throughout Adelanto stadium at the Secret Sesh Festival and encourage strong personal hygiene practices.  


Secret Sesh thanks everyone for bearing with us through this difficult time for events and gatherings and urges the public to stay safe so we can sesh again soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I attend if I'm not 21?

Unfortunately no, this is a recreational 21+ event.

Can I bring my rig/bong?

Yes, you can bring your glass into the festival.

Will there be deals on products?

We're working with our retailers and sponsors to ensure the tradition of Secret Sesh thrives.

Can I bring in my own Cannabis?

Yes, you may bring your own cannabis into the festival.

What will the weather be like?

We expect it to be pretty warm weather, check the weather and dress accordingly.

Will there be taxes on cannabis ?

The cost of taxes will be included in the price.

How much are Tickets?

Tickets are always free at any Secret Sesh. There will be Early Access and a VIP option avilable as well!

Is there a purchasing limit on cannabis ?

Yes, 1 oz of flower and 8 grams of concentrate. This is for non medical attendees, if you are 21+ and a medical patient you may purchase up to 8 ozs of flower and up to 1oz concentrate

Will there be food and water ?

We will have many Food Trucks and Water stations. You are permitted to bring a water bottle but not food/drink inside.