On Sundays We Sesh

Our Story

Like most great things, the Secret Sesh was formed out of need – the collective need of those in the cannabis community for a safe place to gather, medicate and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

It all began when the original Headroom Gallery, a beloved cannabis-focused lounge in Los Angeles, closed its doors. Although there were a few other lounges at the time and others have since opened, the Headroom Gallery was in a class of its own; live-recorded shows, weekly hash competitions and comedy nights featuring SNL caliber performers were just a few of the events they offered their loyal members. When they eventually announced their closing, the news was a blow to the patients and was received with a collective sense of loss.

Luckily for them, the void in their smoke-related social lives was to be mercifully brief. Within the first week of the lounge closing, former Headroom Gallery employee Tim had organized a get-together for former members at a friend’s studio so that they could convene for what they thought was one last time.

Much like the Gallery, in order to attend you had to have a personal invitation or know someone who was willing to vouch for you and give you the address. However, even with these “rules,” quite a few people began to show up – so many, in fact, that the gathering was repeated several times within a couple of weeks. Due to the covert nature of the gathering, those in the know started referring to it as the “Secret Sesh.” Though nobody knew it at the time, the Secret Sesh as we know it today had been born.

The Secret Sesh was established in a completely organic way but you would never know it by attending one as they are now. The immense and immediate popularity of the event powered its trajectory and finding ways to make it bigger and better for the patients has simply become part of its natural progression. Each week the Secret Sesh offers products from a wide variety of sponsors, provides free non-medicated snacks and drinks, accommodates up to 400 patients and is hosted by the number one pot-personality in the business, Adam Ill, who gives away thousands of dollars worth of free merchandise; and that’s just your average night. However, many of the nights also include special surprises such as video game trucks, contests with outrageous prizes (a notorious one was a rock-paper-scissors tournament for a High Flyer scooter) and performances and meet and greets with artists such as Dizzy Wright and B-Real (who even filmed his latest music video there).

The Secret Sesh credits its staff – known as “The Compassion Crew” – and especially its loyal patients with their continued success. They are aware that as the Secret Sesh grows, so does the cohesiveness of the cannabis community and are accordingly dedicated to producing an event that constantly provides their supporters with the best experience possible.

The Secret Sesh:
Forming a Cohesive Cannabis Community through Compassion